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The Visioneers Group is a group of business visionaries who are developing financial solutions that have a positive social impact. The Visioneers team is developing a proprietary platform that matches innovative entrepreneurs with our international network of Social Capital Sources.

Inspired Projects that can have a positive impact on profit, people and the planet, qualify to apply for funding through The Visioneers Group. Successful applicants not only gain access to funding but also a matrix of business development technologies that can greatly improve the success rate of entrepreneurial projects.


The Visioneers Group holds a vision of the future which reflects the best of what mankind is capable of. A future that is based on a healthy, sustainable approach to living together in an integrated and progressive society.

The Visioneers Group facilitates funding for innovative solutions to the social and environmental challenges we face as a society. It also provides key support for artistic and cultural initiatives that enhance our experience of living in community.

Our group of Visioneers are putting dollars to work in creating a better future, with innovative funding solutions that create positive change for now and the future.


Our Mission is to support the innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving our collective evolution towards a healthy and sustainable future for us all.

The Visioneers Group seeks out new financial pathways and explores innovative ways to fund ethical entrepreneurial projects.

We are creating a new matrix of business resources which can connect progressive ideas with progressive resources.


Business opportunities abound, however the Visioneers Group is looking for those exceptional projects which are designed to turn a profit and make a difference at the same time.

We are actively looking for the innovators amongst us, who are creating solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We believe that entrepreneurial innovators are the catalyst for true progress in our society.

If you have an idea which can manifest progressive possibilities, than present your idea to us. If we agree with the merits of your project, we could help you make your vision a reality.


Entrepreneurial Projects that are supported by a business incubator or accelerator program are 80% more likely to succeed and thrive. The Visioneers Group is combining access to venture capital with business development expertise of strategic business incubators and accelerators to create fertile ground for project development and growth.

Our business accelerator partners provide meeting space, training facilities, workshops, studios and conference facilities all dedicated to building ethical and successful enterprises.


The Visioneers Group has developed an integrated financial platform called Vision Quest which facilitates the process of turning social capital into social impact, and inspired insights into profitable enterprises. It achieves this by efficiently matching entrepreneurial potential with strategic social capital.

Our Vision Quest Platform Engages and Supports social entrepreneurs. It Provides Resources for Planning and Pitching Projects and an Online Application that is integrated with our Intelligent Qualification process.

Automated Matchmaking technology connects applicant’s information that empowers the evaluation and approval process to our Network of Social Financiers and Venture Capitalists.

Once a project has been approved and funded an approved project is then connected to our International Matrix of Entrepreneurial Development Resources including Entrepreneurial Training Programs, Mentoring Programs, Operational Facilities and Marketing Resources.

Our Vision Quest Platform is designed to efficiently connect inspired innovation with enlightened investment.


If you have a great idea but haven’t funds to develop your project, we can help you prepare and launch a crowd funding campaign without minimum goals or maximum time limits, so you can accumulate venture capital at your own pace.

Whether it’s advice on maximizing results using the most recognized platforms, or utilizing our tailored crowd funding system, our business experts can help your campaign thrive.


If you have already invested in your project and need additional capital to develop its potential, then we can help you connect with ethical lenders who support viable and progressive entrepreneurial initiatives.

They also know that projects supported by incubation and accelerator programs have a much higher chance of financial success.


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If you need additional capital, skills or resources to help your business grow, and are prepared to share your enterprise with just the right partner, than we can help you find the right match.

These potential partners know that your chances of success are much greater when supported by the Integrated Enterprise Development System.


If you have a project that we would be interested in, than send us your proposal. We always consider both the financial potential and the social impacts of our projects.

If your project meets our criteria, we will book a time for you to pitch your ideas to our team of Visioneers. If selected, you’ll be invited to attend Our Office to learn how The Visioneers Group can help your vision become a viable, profitable business.


The Visioneers Group is combining venture capital with business development experts to create a campus for project development. This team of talented mentors is called the Enterprise Development Group.

They are creating an entrepreneurial Innovation Center, complete with meeting space, training facilities, workshops, studios and conference facilities all dedicated to building ethical and successful enterprises.

The Enterprise Development Group is creating an Integrated Enterprise Development System which can incubate start-ups and accelerate an established business that wants to create sustainable growth.


Effective communication is one of the keys to success. The Innovation Center’s campus includes space for a Media Center where marketing and communication campaigns are developed from concept to completion.

Whether you’re promoting a product, a service or even just an idea, the Media Center will provide marketing services for project developers – from concept development and planning through production of web, sound, video, print, display, signs, and social media content – all created around the needs of the project and all designed to get results.


The Visioneers Group is made up of those who are prepared to invest time, expertise or resources in a new generation of entrepreneurial initiatives which has positive impacts on our society, economy, environment and culture.

With the support of the Integrated Enterprise Development System, and the financial resources of our ethical Investors, Lenders and Backers we are helping to create a new generation of entrepreneurial initiatives which are creating positive change.

Consider joining us in this business evolution, creating social, economic and cultural change that helps make the greater good a priority.


If you know someone who is working on a project that could have positive social, environmental, or cultural impacts on society please let us know.

If you have a business, a project, an invention or just an idea which can make a positive difference, what are you waiting for?

Decisions determine destiny, and if you believe in your ideas than decide to work with us for the greater good of all.

We’d like to hear from you.

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