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The Visioneers Innovation Fund provides financial support to many projects that have a positive social impact.


The Visioneers Group was approached by a group of faculty members from a variety of arts educational institutions with an idea for an innovative approach to teaching the arts that combined both theoretical and practical teaching methods in a way the integrated what we have been learning from contemporary human communications research. A human focused approach to arts education that both transforms and empowers many arts genres with a new awareness that centers around the impact the arts has on both the creators and on the audience.

The Enterprise Development Group (EDG) helped to develop the business plan and development strategies for The Creative Arts Institute. Our Visioneers found private funding to initiate specialized faculty training which eventually enabled the development of new series innovative curriculum’s.

The Creative Arts Institute “focuses on helping students thrive by providing a high quality & intimate teaching environment that enhances how students learn and provides an integrated approach that empowers the quality of work created in each of its programs. The CAI integrated educational system has a profound and direct impact on students’ ability to excel in their chosen field of interest.

Today The Creative Arts Institute offers over 60 programs and 5 faculties ranging from art and design to video and sound, performing arts, communication arts and photographic arts. Its plans are to continue to expand its programs and to develop digital learning systems that can effectively deliver its arts and communications curriculum around the world.


The Visioneers were approached by the residents of Brighton Ontario who wanted to create a center for the arts. They wanted a multi-function space where they could showcase a wide variety of creative endeavors. So in 2012 the Visioneers brought together the pieces to create a facility called The Arts Club. The Enterprise Development Group guided the project and it was funded by The Visioneers, but it was community volunteers that worked for six months to convert an unused warehouse in what has become an integral part of a Studio Village in the towns industrial park.

The Arts Club is a non profit center for the arts which has already supported over 16 arts organizations while also providing a performing arts venue for the community. The Arts Club supports many arts initiatives in our community, by providing creative space, exhibit space, and educational space for the development of local arts and cultural projects.


The Visioneers Group was approached by a group of leading eco-educators from Earthwalk Sustainable Living Centre about the possibilities of turning their practical on site seminars into a series of courses and workshops on healthy and sustainable living that could be delivered to a much larger community. The Visioneers provided the funding for this ambitious expansion of resources.

The Enterprise Development Group (EDG) helped develop a business plan that centered around the development of an integrated series of curriculum’s which could be delivered not just at the Eco-Centre, but as part of community outreach programs that would be available to communities across the province.

The Media Arts Group assisted by developing powerful presentation materials that make their workshops as visually instructive as being there but completely portable and available to many new audiences.

Earthwalk’s Eco-Media Centre was empowered by these efforts to develop educational programs covering a wide variety of environmental and health and wellness programs in platforms that could be taken out to many more communities.


The Visioneers Group was approached by a number of environmentalists that wanted to create a central information hub for sustainable techniques and technology that can help our society migrate towards and healthy and green future for this and future generations. Our Visioneers helped them develop a business model, plan and development funding that enabled the creation of one of the most extensive eco-information platforms ever created in Canada with the simple objective of empowering, informing and engaging their readers.

“Sustainable Living Magazine is all about bringing the tools, information and expertise together to help each of us and all of us create a sustainable future in our lives and on the planet. “The founding belief that our answers reside in the world of possibilities has driven the magazines exploration of all things “green” with the intention to empower the transformation of our society based on a truly sustainable model.

Sustainable Living Magazine website is becoming a leading source of news and information on sustainable culture. It is a significant resource for those interested in the growing movement toward using green techniques and technologies for home and business applications.

The SLM web site provides articles that focus on Sustainable Living, Green Building, Green Business, Healthy Homes and Organic Gardening, Natural Health & Wellness, Healthy Food, Natural Parenting, Alternative Education, Eco Style and Arts, the Outdoors, Eco Tourism, Social Consciousness, and the Products, Services, Economics and Activities of Green Living.

The SLM founding board of advisers summed it up better than anyone the day the magazine was launched “Sustainable Living Magazine facilitates the exchange of ideas among those working to create positive change for a better planet.”


The Visioneers Group was approached by a group of communication arts professionals with the idea of creating and studio space that a wide variety of artists could access to make use of the latest techniques and technologies to create high production value work.

We had The Enterprise Development Group (EDG) help to design a business plan for the project and the Visioneers found both financial and in-kind resources that helped to create the studio center itself.

Today, Our Studio is an artist-run center that helps to develop emerging artists by providing information, tools and resources that can contribute to career and project development. The community at Our Studio provides both mentoring and peer support for it members. Its collection of creative facilities now provides a broad spectrum of support services for communication artists, supporting the work of writers, photographers, journalists, videographers and film producers.


We were approached by a bed and breakfast operator that wanted to expand the concept of a bed and breakfast to encompass spa services, retreat facilities, adventurous outings, and an educational experiences all within the context of what was in essence a large four bedroom house in a scenic location.

Crafting all these added value resources without adding much in terms of facilities was a challenge but not an obstacle. With a lot of creative problem solving we were able to expand the resources available to guests and almost double the income potential of the Bed and Breakfast operation.

Creating these new profit centers took over six months of effort funded by the Visioneers. The experts at the EDG assisted in the projects planning and the marketing. The result was a Bed and Breakfast like no other in the country that can provide much more than just a retirement income. Plans are now underway to develop a network of franchises with a full-featured Serenity Bed and Breakfast in most centers across the country.


We were approached to help create a resource center for those that wanted to create high quality YouTube content for their interest group or organization. We helped put the pieces together to locate and equip a facility that is now open to all content creators that want to put something special on YouTube.

YouTuber Studios brings professional production resources to the Creator Community at a very low cost. Utilizing a two-camera setup, a Green-Screen, and a live Switching Operator, YouTuber Studios can Film, Cut & Post your video in as little as a few hours.

As more and more businesses and NGOs wake up to the power of social media this center will get very busy with a new wave of new media enthusiasts.


Gabia Ferguson was chosen to dance in the 2000 Olympic opening ceremony and has been a leader in dance instruction for decades – both in Australia and Canada. She decided to establish an innovative dance program here in Canada and needed financial support to develop her website and marketing program, and to subsidize the Dance With Me facilities while establishing her clientele.

Dance With Me is a new concept in Dance Schools which takes its classes on the road. Its primary studio is in Brighton Ontario, and it offers adult Social Dance Lessons in Salsa, Bachata, Swing, 50’s Rock n’ Roll, Lindy Hop and more – from Beginner levels through Intermediate throughout Eastern Ontario.


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