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The Visioneers Group is a national Private Lending Network which specializes in providing a wide variety of Financial Services to Canadians from Coast to Coast.

However, we are more than just that. We partner with you in creating possibilities. We’ll be there to witness and help finance your biggest accomplishments and back you when you need critical and strategic help.

Our clients’ objectives and aspirations are our reason for being. The establishment of long-term, sustainable relationships is our goal when it comes to our clientele. The TVG team sees you as more than just a spreadsheet of numbers or a credit score. We are all about supporting people and their dreams.

Whether you’re an individual looking to purchase your first home or a business in need of strategic financing, we have solutions to meet your needs. As a national Financial Services Network, we can leverage our experience to develop your Credit Profile and match you with the ideal Lending Partner for you.

Simply fill out the Initial Loan Application Form below and our system will connect you with a customer service agent who will help you move forward with your request. Our applications are simple and straight forward, however our Agents will require that you complete every step of the application form below in order to evaluate your application.

We do not run credit checks which could negatively affect your Credit Score. We ask that you perform these checks yourself by visiting Equifax & Trans-Union and get your score before applying. However, a credit report may be run by the Lender prior to releasing the loan.


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After I apply, what's the next step?
Shortly after you submit your application, one of our consultants will be contacting you to discuss your Credit Profile, make sure everything is in order and walk through optimizing it before submission to our Private Lender Network. The Visioneers Group will not begin to work on your file before first directly speaking to you about your financial needs.
How can I speed up the application process?
The best way to ensure a faster process is to fill out every field in the application form and add supporting attachments. This allows us to quickly review the application with you over the phone without needing to setup a callback for more information. Depending on the product, you may be asked to include additional documents, which you may submit initially for faster processing. You will only be asked to provide documents that are necessary or required by law to complete your file. The Visioneers Group protects your privacy.
How do I know if I'm approved?
You will be contacted by a Private Lender to continue the application process. They will also supply you the final approval status. As many Private Lenders work on their own time, we cannot offer a time-frame to expect approval, though we always strive to expedite the process.
If I apply, will you check my credit score?
The Visioneers Group does not run credit reports. Running such reports can negatively affect your Credit Rating, and we strive to always maximize your loan success potential. We ask that you acquire your own Credit Scores before applying which will not negatively impact your score. Depending on the application you select, a credit check may be requested by a Private Lender, but it is not a requirement for your initial application with us.
The bank has rejected my application. What do I do?
The Visioneers Group works with Private Lenders which have been hand-selected to work with applicants with high, low, or no credit score. Our in-place relationships pair you with the best solution available, and we align your Credit Profile with selected Lenders offering the lowest rates based on your circumstances. You may of course turn down any offer supplied by a Private Lender if the terms are not acceptable.
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Initial Loan Application Form